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   Reliance Rejoice

Reliance Rejoice, the Family Entertainment Center (FEC), is a dedicated area for amusement, leisure and gaming within the Reliance Hyper Mall/ Reliance Town Center (RTC). Reliance Rejoice is an important component of the Hyper Mall transforming them to a multipurpose “Destinations”, rather than being generic shopping centers. 

Incorporated into the Retail strategy is the vision for the hyper malls and RTC’s to extend beyond shopping to become a family entertainment destination. This vision includes family-centric activities, events and dining options, including a digital cinema, an amusement & gaming center and food court & restaurants.

The consumers are today moving to an “Experience Economy” where what they want are experiences-memorable experiences which engage the in an inherently personal way. Reliance Rejoice is geared up to provide such memorable experiences to its customer, keeping the essential Components - the 3 E’s “Entertain – Educate – Excite” as a core focus area.

Reliance Rejoice houses the key anchors:

Reliance Rejoice, for all its intents and purposes positioned as a “World of FUN for EVERYONE”, where in it target the masses with a clear objective of “Value for Money”. The guiding principles of Reliance Rejoice services are

  • Great place for FUN & recreational activities
  • Prices affordable by majority
  • Variety of entertainment option
  • High service quality standards
  • Safe & Hygienic facilities
  • Relaxed ambience 

In all transforming Reliance Hypermart / RTC a “one stop shop” for a customers offering them shopping, dining & entertainment all under one roof.

   Reliance Review: Digital Multiplex - “a glimpse at the future”

Reliance Review houses 3-4 screen Multiplexes, a multiplex is the incarnation of the traditional movie theater complex. The core focus of the Reliance Review is “Movies and More”, screening not just the best & the latest of Bollywood & Hollywood but a variety of multi-lingual content, events, sports events etc.

Reliance Review maintains a SLA of 90 secs at any queue. This means that every customer will be served within 90 secs form the time he is standing in the queue. This SLA will be applicable on all counters including multiplex. Separate payment queues for “cash only”, credit cards, members. Specail attendants called the queue busters with hand held terminals address the customer during peak hours.

Reliance Review provides a host of new services to create a world class theater experience to the viewers


  • Recliners with in the multiplex
  • Special seats /area for physical disabled
  • Comfy couches and end tables stacked with newspapers and magazines in the lobby & lounges
  • Light indication on each Multiplex seat for easy access
Box Office

  • Box office for current and advance booking will have large (42”) LCD screens displaying the movie details, seat availability status etc
  • Movie rating, U/A categorization etc will be displayed alongside
  • Separate LCD screens will show movie promos, songs etc

  • Multi-cuisine fast food counters along with traditional concessions
  • Service extended in the Multiplex hall, customer can simply place an order and provide the seat numbers & desire time. The order will be presented as desired.
  • Ushers will take orders even at the seat during intervals
Art Gallery

  • An art gallery area / city mini museum, the history & culture of the city in a snapshot.

   Reliance Replay - Games for All

Reliance Replay – envisions a Family Play Center encouraging family-centric activities, events, promotions, and amusement & gaming facility. Housing state of the art gaming machines including Video Games, Redemption & vending games, physical games & Kidde rides

Special attractions like the nostalgic carousel, Bumper cars & 10 Pin Bowling lanes. Interactive computer based games & LAN gaming facilities.
An integrated services & systems model to maximize the Entertainment Coefficient in the Hypermall/ RTC.

Reliance Replay endeavors to provide its guests with the experiences of discovery, exhilaration, enjoyment & value for money. Ensuring high levels of customer service and exceeding the customers’ expectations on each & every visit. Replay is not only a meeting place, but also a place where people of all ages interact & have fun.

World of FUN for EVERYONE

Reliance Replay attractions

  • Redemption zone: This is a family zone housing various redemption games that throw out tickets based on gamers performance.
  • Arcade zone: This is a teen zone housing various video games including car racing, bike racing, shooting & action games
  • Bowling arena: A dedicated bowling reception for issuance of bowling shoes, allocation of lanes and other playing assistance to the guests.
  • Kidde zone: A zone for the little ones housing hydraulic rides with their favorite Disney characters
  • Cyber zone: Computer based Interactive gaming zone with Internet browsing facilities etc.
  • Redemption Counter/ redemption wall: Tickets earned while playing games can be exchanged here for attractive gifts displayed on the redemption wall.

   Reliance Retreat - Satisfy your apetite

Reliance Retreat hosts a variety of restaurants to cater to people of all tastes. Enjoy your favorite pizza or go for the continental dishes. Treat your tounge with Italian delicacies or just binge on South Indian food. .....